Saturday 23 June 2007

North Essex

Been to Colchester area today. Got to Fingringhoe for just gone 5am. Got lost as usual trying to find it.
Nothing of any note. Heard a couple of things I wasn't sure of, including what sounded like a frog from some dense scrub. Any ideas?
From there I ended up on Mersea island by mistake. It was pretty good though. High light was watching sand martins coming in and out of there nests on a sandy cliff.
Then I went on to Abberton Reservoir (saw a nice male yellow hammer singing from top of post on the way).
Not a lot going on there. Nice to see the terns feeding their young on the tern raft they've got there. Ended up hide-hopping between heavy showers. I even fell asleep in one of the hides waiting for the rain to stop.
Just as I was getting in the car to leave I heard a Turtle Dove. Here's the picture...


Blogger Paul said...

Nice pic bruv. That frog sound was definitely a Chaffinch (or a frog).

24 June 2007 at 08:44  
Blogger Tony Morris said...

I know this is very late, so I hope you see it! You were in an area where there are many Nightingales and your description of the sound you heard is very like their alarm call.

3 September 2007 at 07:36  

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