Saturday 17 September 2011

Barren Grounds and Budderoo Plateau

Eastern Bristlebird, Barren Grounds

Eastern Bristlebird, Barren Grounds

Gang-gang Cockatoo. One of seven seen feeding together along the Budderoo track.

Southern Emu-wren, Budderoo

Grey Currawong. My first for NSW seen about 2-3Kms along the Budderoo track.

Pilotbird (behind that twig there), shot from the car along the entry road to Barren Grounds

First light at Barren Grounds

Copperhead(?), Budderoo

Wombat. My first sighting today at Barren Grounds, shot before sunrise (thanks to a noisy 6400 ISO).

The heath was buzzing today! 27 degrees and no wind made a real contrast to last weekend's failed efforts at the same spot. The only thing missing was a Ground Parrot sighting.


Blogger Matt said...

you watch out for those snakes bruv!

26 September 2011 at 16:22  

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