Friday 9 December 2011

Plains-wanderers and Bitterns, Deniliquin, NSW

Plains-wanderer (female)

Plains-wanderer (male)

Little Button-quail

Stubble Quail

Inland Dotterel

Two Australasian Bitterns were out on the rice paddock banks (Joy).

Australasian Bittern

Little Bittern. BIG Shame!

Superb Parrot male

Australian Owlet-Nightjar

Red-kneed Dotterel

Golden-headed Cisticola

Brown Falcon

Rufous Songlark

Southern Whiteface

Long-billed Corella

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo.
I've never subscribed to the notion of being guided to birds but some list promises are too enticing to ignore. Philip Maher's tour of Deniliquin is famous for a steady return of Plains-wanderer and is a bit of a right of passage. Phil delivered too, with such dazzling encounters as Plains-wanderer (his and hers), Little Button-quail, Inland Dotterel, Australian Bittern (x2), Little Bittern, Superb Parrot and a particular bogey of mine, Owlet-Nightjar. Thanks to Philip and Peter & Frayda who let me gatecrash their tour.


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