Saturday 9 May 2009

Three Lifers, Zero effort

I didn't go birding today and picked up three lifers.

After a big breakfast at La Perouse the stroll back to the car was obstructed by two Australian Pipit (Richard's Pipit) feeding around the grassy banks. They're lovely things and showed down to three meters at times.

I improvised a few shots with my bins and Tamara's camera phone. Photo of The Week is surely in the bag.

Australian Pipit

After another few minutes I looked up to see a pair of Kelp Gulls loafing around the shoreline. I've been keen to secure the third resident Aussie gull (with Pacific and Silver) for ages. It was a relief to engage the Larus part of my brain again and with P10s, orbital rings and weird short legs duly noted I took a couple more record shots.

Kelp Gulls (right)

Later, at Centennial Park, we bumped into Greg who was photographing a flock of twenty Yellow-rumped Thornbills: lifer number three. Check out his flickr page for shots.


Blogger another lunch in a different kitchen said...

Hi Paul,

Three lifers and a birder in one day - and only a stone's throw from Sydney's CBD! It was a pleasure chatting to yourself & Tamara yesterday. Thanks for the link, I'll certainly be following your surprising and insightful posts.


10 May 2009 at 01:04  

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