Saturday 28 June 2008

Grey Wagtails, Prittlewell Brook

I saw a lovely, full-set of Grey Wagtails patrolling the Prittlewell Brook this morning. Mum, Dad and three juniors were all found between Prittlewell Chase and Westbourne Grove, Southend.

Monday 9 June 2008

Wild flowers - Paglesham

I took some macro shots of wild flowers on Sunday.
I've only got a couple of books for reference so am not sure on the identification of a couple of these flowers.
The closest I could find to the purple flower (top left) is the Common Vetch.
I haven't got a clue with the pink flower (looks like one of the pea family in my book, but not a perfect match). The yellow flower is Birdsfoot-Tefoil or Bacon and Eggs (I just missed out on getting a photo of this with a common blue butterfly perched on it - would have been cracking!). The purple, yellow and green flower is Woody Nightshade (not Deadly Nightshade as it is normally mistaken for, apparently).
I'd be grateful for any enlightenment. Thanks Matt

Paglesham family outing

It was bound to happen sooner or later.
After hours of walking in the search of birds our interest in other wildlife has grown and grown. The problem with that is, you need eyes everywhere. Fortunately there were six sets of eyes tuned into our surroundings on our recent trip to Paglesham.
Spot of the day goes to Girish for discovering this cracking Cream Spot Tiger Moth.