Saturday 30 July 2011

SOSSA Pelagic

I haven't been out on Sandra K for quite a while and although it wasn't the most productive day in terms of species it was nice to be back. Here are few of the highlights...

Brown Skua

Wandering Albatross

Fairy Prion

Fluttering Shearwater

White-fronted Tern

Providence Petrel


I love a good wader ID session and this juvenile Ruff at Vange Marsh was a good test for me. It had my heart racing a bit when I couldn't find a good representation in my field guide. At one point I thought I might have a juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper on my hands. After closer views and a bit more size comparison I narrowed it down to a juvenile Ruff (probably female on size comparison with common sandpiper ) albeit much more rufous than the illustration in my guide. A welcome addition to my year list along with Sand Martin.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Magnetic Island

We've just spent a marvellous week on Magnetic Island. Here's a few shots in no particular order. New species for my list included Varied Triller, Dusky Honeyeater, White-eared Monarch, Magpie Goose and, ahem, Brown Boobies. The highlight remains the amazing number of Bush Stone-curlews (see previous post).

Varied Triller

White-eared Monarch. One of two juveniles/immatures with identical markings. Interestingly enough, much lighter-headed than field guides' depiction of both juvenile and immature but with much stronger wing markings than juvenile. HANZAB states 'First immature: poorly known'. Maybe this helps. Maybe I got the wrong species.

Olive-backed Sunbird

Little Egret

Rainbow Bee-eater

Magpie Geese

Brown Boobies where seen during the ferry crossing from Townsville.


Osprey on active nest

Unidentified Sea Snake, Horseshoe Bay

THe Koala population here is introduced