Wednesday 25 September 2013

Norfolk 2013

I had my usual sodding luck with the wind direction during my stay in Norfolk, westerly for the week before and during my stay and then easterly when I'm heading back down the A12. I always make the most of it though, exploring the coast for new sites for future visits. This year I went down to the woods and coastal path at Stiffkey which looked as good as previous sightings there might suggest. I did have the great pleasure of stumbling across, not 1, but 2 families of Grey Partridges on my scouting trips too.
The fields opposite our accommodation (top pic) were good value at dusk, with the resident barn owl, tawny owls and egret roost, not to mention the scores of Pink-footed Geese noisily flying to roost whilst I was sinking my first pint of Murphy's.