Friday 15 August 2008

Rusty Tussock Moth Caterpillar

Found this caterpillar in the back garden next to the pond.
It belongs to the Rusty Tussock Moth.

Sunday 3 August 2008

Benfleet - Leigh

The walk between Benfleet and Leigh (Hadleigh downs and the coastal path) offered some varied wildlife for us (me and Paul) on Saturday. Here it is in pictures (from top left: Marsh Frog, Common Blue, Dragonfly larva skeleton, marbled white, Whimbrel, Wall Brown, cinnabar moth caterpillar).
I've been enjoying learning about butterflies this summer but, due to their nature, have found them really difficult to photograph. This Common Blue, however, was more obliging, letting me hold the grass it was on steady in the breeze and practically touching it with my lens (click on the photo and have a look at the detail. I love their stripy socks).
Also, it was good to see a 'text book' Whimbrel and finally be able to differentiate between them and curlews. Watch out juvenile gulls - Your next!