Thursday 25 November 2010

Rock Parrot, Cape Leeuwin, WA

Friday 19 November 2010

Thorndon Park Redpolls

Had my first trip to Thorndon Park today to try and see the redpolls, which I duly did.
In fact I'd be surprised if there were less than 200 birds! I was fortunate to bump into 2 local birders who helped picking out the Mealys from the Lessers with good candidates for both. (Thanks Jim and Gary). Other birds today included good views of Nuthatch and Tree Creeper in with the tit flock, which also included a bonus Coal Tit. Good stuff.

Sunday 14 November 2010

Barren Grounds Phototrap Test (and fail)

Ground parrot exposure test.

I took the phototrap into the field for the first time this weekend and back to the site of my previous Ground Parrot encounter to try and get some nocturnal shots.

The forecast was for high winds and storms but they didn't materialise. It didn't rain on my swag either - things were feeling good.

Just after sundown the heath came to life with Bristlebirds calling all around me and three Ground parrots piping up close to the trap. There was wombat shit everywhere - surely, surely I'd have some shots waiting for me in the morning... NOT. It would have been a lovely picture but, never mind, it was good fun trying.

I did have some consolation with one GP showing well a couple of times before flying straight towards me and across the plateau.

Here's the kit list: Canon 7D, Canon 50mm F1.6, Canon 430EX II Speedlite flash x 2, Phototrap.

Perhaps a bit of camouflage next time.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Phototrap Test

This dirty individual was the first bird to take the bait at my new phototrap. Cocky here walked between an infrared emitter and detector which triggered my camera which, in turn, triggered two off-camera flashes and released the shutter. I was inside watching Neighbours. What fun! Can't wait to try it out on some night-loving creatures.

Humpback Whale, Sydney

There were a few 'humpies' passing the front door tonight. I counted three mother-and-calf groups heading back to the Antarctic all breaching, flipper waving and generally frolicking around.